Circus Art Camp Summary

Our miniature circus Just finished up a great first week of summer camp. Seven kids, going into 1st – 4th grade joined in the fun. The biggest, and voted most favorite, project of the week were the paper mache animals that we made for our miniature circus arena.  Here is a finished picture of the animals and circus ring. After making the animals, the kids came up with different acts for them to perform. We had two rings of fire made from spools, wire and pipe cleaners, a cannon to shoot a monkey from, a ball for the seal, platforms to stand on, a trapeze and more. It was great to watch their imaginations go wild and work on coming up with workable solutions. Making the paper mache animals was a difficult project for the kids and they were so proud of the final results. We took a side view picture of their chosen  animal and drew lines to show where we would make a wire armature. After making the animal’s skeleton from pipe cleaners, we covered them with tin foil and tape, added 1-2 layers of paper mache, painted and then decorated in circus attire. Here are several pictures of the process and finished animals.



















Paper mache horse











Showing off their paper mache seal, monkey and lion










Our other big project of the week was a circus painting on canvas. The kids started by sketching several animal acts using pictures from the computer. Their sketches were then transferred to a canvas board and painted. Here are some of the final paintings!


Painting made by 6 year old at circus camp











IMG_0654 IMG_0691












We also did several smaller art projects during the week. The first is a paper acrobat that hangs from a straw and string trapeze. These looked great hanging from the studio ceiling.

Paper acrobat hanging from a trapeze madeof string and straws











The second one was a paper circus train – each camper created an animal and an embellished car for the train. Here’s a panoramic picture of the nearly 8′ train.IMG_0641




In addition to art projects, we spent time under the sprinkler and on the slip n’ slide. We read several library books about the circus, ate homemade ice pops and played in the yard. We also tried some circus acts, including:

Juggling .. (with our tightrope in the back of the right hand picture)











our human pyramid attempts…

Making a human pyramid! Human Pyramid Going Up




















On the last day of camp, the kids turned into clowns with face paint, foam clown noses, and crazy balloon hats and had a show for the parents at the end of the day.  Thanks to my great assistant, Claire Ianuzzi, and all the campers and families for a great week.



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