February School Break Art Camp

Just finished up our first day of camp.  Today’s catchy theme was Buildings, Bungalows and Barns.  One of my favorite things about teaching is coming up with the lesson plan and trying out different projects. I usually start by making a list and brainstorming about a topic. It’s rather a mish-mash of terms, ideas, artist names, and other things, but I have a blast looking online into  differentideas and seeing where it takes me.  For example, here is what is written on my pad of paper for today’s camp. Architecture – famous architects & different styles of buildings. Blueprints. Why buildings might be different in different parts of the world and in different climates.  Hundertwasser – unusual buildings. colorful buildings. Nomadic vs. permanent buildings – igloos, yurts, tee pees…  Building a fort in the studio? making an igloo with sugar cubes? ice cube igloo?  Cities vs. rural buildings, definition of bungalow, barns – painting of barns…. bungalows – what is a bungalow exactly….

Some of the things I looked at and into:

a time lapsed video of family building an igloo in their backyard with 200 blocks of colored ice — very cool!!    You can see it here on yahoo news.

For barns, I was thinking about hex signs and then found that some people make a large wooden “barn quilt” to decorate their barns. Maybe for a project we could design a paper or painted barn quilt to put on a drawing of a barn. You can click here to see a slideshow of some of these great barn quilts.  For people that know me, they know that quilts and all things fabric/fiber are very dear to me. Quilts are also such a good art/math project for kids – another favorite of mine.

Images of unusual architecture – yes, there are some strange buildings out there.  Here’s a slideshow of some that we looked at today. While looking at these architectural pictures, we talked about some of the features of buildings, such as windows, doors, chimneys, roofs, shutters, porches, steps/stairs.  I then showed them our first project – making a pop-up 3 dimensional building.  The pop-up idea was pretty tough to grasp at first, but everyone figured it out and then did a great job of coming up with their own ideas of what things they wanted on their building and in their front yards.   Here’s Lilly glitterizing her 3D house. Isabella's houseLilly's 3D house

Here are several other pictures of houses.


Our second project of the afternoon was a quick, but fun, one.  We folded a piece of paper in half the long way. Drew a cityscape above the folded line with markers. Then we painted the bottom half with water, folded over the top half with our drawing, and rubbed the sides together to transfer the cityscape to the bottom. The kids were very excited to open up their papger and see their cityscape’s reflection.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the kid’s projects, but here is my sample. As you will see, only the first three building on the left have been transferred.  I later added the buildings to the right when demonstrating to the class.  This project came from a blog named Art Class Ideas.

Cityscape with reflection


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