Summer Camps Update

Being the first of August, I thought it was high time that I write about the five weeks of camp that have already happened this summer. I think I can fairly say that they have been an overwhelming success!!  The projects have been awesome, we’ve had lots of fun playing outside (especially with the new slip and slide)  and snack time is always a favorite. The feedback from campers and parents has been fantastic. I, also, have had a great time teaching them and am so happy to be able to do them here at my home and studio.  It has added  a real special aspect to the camps that isn’t possible when the camp is held at a school or non-profit institution.

2013-06-18_15-42-13_534The first camp of the summer was my Recycled/Nature Art Camp.

Here are some pictures of the lanterns we made from recycled water bottles.  We cut off the top and painted them with glass paint.  Then we made a handle with wire and beads.  To finish, we put in about an inch of sand and an electric candle.

Here, the kids all tried to cram into the windowless studio bathroom to see what the lanterns would look like in the dark.





Nature mandalas

We also learned about plants and symmetry while making beautiful nature mandalas







Taylor made glasses from the packing peanuts

…and one of my favorite recycled projects is making sculptures with the cornstarch based packing peanuts.  Stick the end of one onto a damp paper towel and then you can stick it to another one.  Here, Taylor has made a cool pair of glasses with them.


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