Learning about the Primary and Secondary Colors

Exploring Art Class

Exploring Art Class

I have a new class of 4 homeschooled children, ages 4-6.  In our first class, we spent time looking at a color wheel and then I showed them how you can mix the three primary colors ( red, blue and yellow)  to make the secondary colors (orange, purple and green).

We then took several 4″ squares and drew black crayon lines – one diagonal from corner to corner and one from a different corner to the middle of the first line.  It ended up having two small triangles and one large triangle.

We painted two different primary colors on the two small squares and then mixed them to paint the secondary color onto the large triangle.

After all the squares were painted, we put them together to make a little paper quilt.  The kids loved it!! They also got really excited to find out that they could make other shapes – squares and diamonds- by moving the squares around.  See the big purple and green diamonds and the two small red ones?

This was also a great introduction in learning how to use watercolor paints, in cleaning your paintbrush, We even got to practice a few math skills with the quilt shapes.


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