Art Explorations Summer Camp – Other Projects

It’s amazing what we can accomplish in 15 hours of dedicated art making activities.  In addition to the projects that I wrote about in the previous 3 posts, we completed about 6-7 additional projects.   I only have pictures of several.

For painting, we learned about monochromatic color schemes, we practiced making tints and shades of one color and then made an abstract monochromatic painting trying to use different tints/shades in each contiguous section.  For a pretty advanced concept and project, they did great!  We also painted some book pages with liquid watercolors and made a landscape collage adding details with markers.

We learned about symmetry and made very colorful shrinky dink butterflies.  We glued them on branches, added some silk flowers, and then stuck the branches into some air dry clay to make a butterfly tree.

For sculpture, we used toothpicks and mini marshmallows to create different structures.  The heat did not help our structures stay upright.  The dogs also ate all the marshmallows, both in the bag and on toothpicks, that night destroying the hard work of any projects left behind that day.

For some fun, we made ice cubes with liquid watercolors and painted with them and we made bubble wands.  Here are several pictures of the bubble wands:

The last project that I took a picture of was our rendition of the famed glassblower, Dale Chihuly’s “Macchia” series of glass vases.  I found this project idea on Pinterest and it turned out awesome.  The only thing I would do differently is to go on a field trip to see actual glass blowing.  The kids couldn’t quite fathom how glass could change so much from the video we watched.  Anyway, here are our “Macchias” made from coffee filters, washable markers, and spray starch.


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