Art Explorations Summer Camp – Kandinsky Circles Extraordinaire!

I love the art of Wassily Kandinsky and frequently do projects based on his artwork. His color studies with circles are a favorite, but this is the first time I have done this project with the kids. It was inspired by a post on Pamela Holderman’s blog.  We first painted a large dot on the center of the paper and then continued to add circles until we filled the page. At this age, it is great for gaining painting skills – not getting too much paint on the brush and paper and learning to properly clean the brush between colors.  It also helps them practice the circle shape. After finishing their circles, the kids were asked to fill in the background anyway they desired.

On the next day, the fun began.   I had different stations set up and the kids were allowed to embellish their circles in any way they wanted.  They could add paint or marker designs, they could use paper punches to cut out paper shapes to glue on, they could use stamps and ink to make designs, and  they could add sequins and rhinestones….. yeah,  bling!!!    This was a great learning experience in using tools such as paper punches and stamps and we also talked about technique and cleaning up for the next person.  The kids and I both absolutely loved this additional part of the project and it took the projects from nice to amazing!   Here are several finished paintings on the drying line.


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