Art Exploration Summer Camp – Mexican Tin Art

I have three camps scheduled at my studio this summer.  The first one was in late June and I had 10 kids ages 5-7 participate. I am going to be doing several blogs about some  highlights and descriptions of projects that we did that week.

On Monday, we did several projects.  The first one was inspired by Mexican tin art. We took squares of cardboard,  cut slits along all four edges, wrapped yarn around the cardboard, covered in aluminum foil and then etched the foil between the yarn lines.

Here’s a picture of  wrapping the yarn around the cardboard and putting it the slits to hold it in place. The second pictures shows the cardboard covered in foil and after we have started to press down on the areas between the yarn.  I found the using two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil worked best over the yarn.  One layer tended to rip as you were doing the etching process.  I also found Q-tips a great tool for the etching process with the little ones.

After this point, we then colored the different depressed sections with Sharpies.

Here’s several pictures of kids working on their pieces  and another one showing everyone’s  Mexican tin Art.   I love how some of the kids did solid colors and others made patterns. Make sure to click on the second picture to see everyone’s art up close.  Thanks to Pi’ikea Street’s blog for the inspiration.


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